Karachi Fish Harbour - Now.

To facilitate fishermen, related fishing industry and other stakeholders to met increasingly competitive and ever changing business environment the Government of Sindh had taken initiative to up-grade the Karachi Fish Harbour through an ADP Scheme namely “Rehabilitation & Renovation of Karachi Fish Harbour” at a cost of Rs. 555.951 million.

The following achievement had been made (from 2007 – 2012).

  • Modification of 423 Nos. of large, small and Hora boats with fibre glass lining in Fish hold & on deck; hatch opening; Provision of additional hatch; Protection from oil & grease with Fiber Glass lining; Installation of awning, overhead tank & wash basin etc. were completed as per international standard.
  • Tindal and crew of boats were trained for proper handling of marine food.
  • Plastic fish crates, plastic baskets, insulated plastic containers, Stainless Steel Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks, On-board Flake Ice Plants, Fork Lift Trucks; Plastic Pallets were provided to facilitate landing and auction in the fish market.
  • Auction Halls K-I and K-II were renovated.